This is the Events and Facility Calendar for Canyon Chapel.

Please email Marilyn Hurst if you have any questions by Clicking Here

1) If you are a ministry leader and have an event coming up please check this calendar first to see if anything conflicts.
a. To see if an event on the calendar is using any rooms in the church or to see which rooms it is using please click on the event and read the notes.

2) Grab an event form from the “Event Form” box (behind door in sound room) or download an events form by Clicking HERE.

3) After you have completed the events form please: 1) Give personally to Marilyn 2) Scan and Email to Marilyn 3) Put in the Event Form box for her.

4) All Events are subject to pastoral approval so please have forms filled out at least 2 weeks prior to event for time to get approved, put onto the calendar and added to bulliten, website, etc.