Foursquare Missions International

We are the international missions arm of The U.S. Foursquare Church.

With the partnership of other Foursquare national leaders, regional councils
and the numerous global networks, The Foursquare Church is looking to plant
a sustainable church in the 87 nations that have not yet been reached with the Foursquare Gospel. We believe that, from one church, an indigenous movement can develop that will reach that nation’s people groups and move beyond national boundaries. We cannot do this alone; we must partner with brothers and sisters around the world, both inside and outside of Foursquare.

We hope you will partner with us in our goal to take the whole Gospel to the whole world, until all have heard.

Pressing Needs
Every great move of God begins with PRAYER. The most significant way you can partner with our Foursquare missionaries and leaders around the world is through continuous and fervent prayer. Because we truly covet your prayers, we provide resources to help you focus your prayers and join with others in our Foursquare family in united prayer for global evangelism.

Commit to pray for God’s anointing on our missionaries, His divine protection for their families, their favor among the people, and evangelism across the nations.