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The Home Front

Jun 30, 2024

Good Day To You,

Christian families and the church have witnessed over recent years a concerning statistic. There has been a significant exodus of individuals ages 18-29 who have left their faith in Christ and the local church. A recent study showed 75% of those in this age bracket leaving the church and their faith. These are troubling figures. The reason for this fallout can’t be pinned down to just one thing. There are layers of issues and breakdowns. One is that of spiritual leadership and the many moral and ethical failures. This is coupled with incongruent values and attitudes found in the home and marriages which these students observe, and also the attack on the family and values found in our education system and the media. In this same study the researchers discovered five reasons that the remaining 25% of those in this age group continued in faith and active worship in the church. Here is where we can and should focus our attention. They are proven keys and actions that produce the right fruit and abundant life for our families. Today we will focus on just one of these five factors of spiritual health and stability. 

1. The child enjoyed a spiritual experience at least once a week in their home. 

They had a personal encounter of God’s grace and love during a weekly event in their home. So parents and grandparents, prioritize a time of devotions and prayer with your children, students, grandkids and make an impact and imprint for a life of faith. Let me encourage you to take ten minutes and go into their room and tuck your children into a safe bed and cover them in prayer each night. Let them hear you pray and catch your heart. Ask for God’s protection and dreams to be upon them. Pray over their concerns and believe for answers. When these requests are answered, your child or grandchild will grow in faith and see that God is truly real. 

Jenny and I over the years have had many wonderful discussions and meaningful experiences asdeep heart concerns come to the surface at these nightly appointments. Do these acts take a little time and energy? Sure they do, but the dividends are long lasting and have shown to be proven to establish a walk of deeper meaning and faith. 

Q: What other benefits could you see happening if this behavior was implemented at your home? 

Q: Would it be a step of growth and faith for you to pray over your family at bedtime?